Letter to my youngest | Dannielle Suzanne | London Ontario Photographer

This is a small window into my life as a mom of three. My baby came to us after a painful and tragic miscarriage, 18 months prior.

Several months later, we opened our hearts up to the idea of trying again. Joel was born the smallest of my full term babies, and would not remain the smallest in the least. :) He is 3 wearing mostly 5 T clothes and carries a BIG presence!

london ontario child photographer

He keeps me oh so busy when his siblings are at school making big messes and making me laugh (most of the time).

When I chose these photos from last fall, I chose them because they perfectly describe, and tell a story of my Joel. From the boogers he refuses to allow me to wipe to the loud musical instruments, sisters toys he sneaks out of her room while she is in school, two soothers on the go (which have now gone away), and the blankies, oh the blankies....OBSESSED!;)

Lets not forget the out of focus shots, because he is ALWAYS on the go, unless of course he is quiet which is NEVER a good sign. Oh, and the choppy haircut, because why would you want to sit long enough for those?

Joel, you bring so much joy into our family, and I thank God for you everyday! When I think back over the last 3 plus years I think about how much more full all of our lives are because you are in it! Your passion of living life to the fullest and your determination in all you do is inspiring. I LOVE the gentle way your reassure me everything will be ok when I am upset or the way to call my name asking for a snuggle every afternoon. You start each day with such joy and laughter. I love how you pray at meal times, thanking Jesus for every family member and naming each toy as you squint to look. I sometimes call you Bam-Bam or Foghorn Leghorn but during your nighttime routine you become so soft and gentle. My prayer as you grow into a young man is that you always love God with your whole heart and know He has a plan and a amazing purpose for your life. xoxo Momma