Merry Christmas! ~ London Ontario Children and Family Photographer

Well, Last week I had gotten so busy with the season and realized I hadn't photographed my kids for our Christmas cards. So, after school I busily got them dressed up in their dress clothes and tried my best to capture something worth putting on our card. Let me tell you it was no easy feat! My sweet and sassy two year old refuses to sit for any pictures and in fact most times as soon as he sees me reach for my camera he runs and hides, which is super frustrating because he is so flippin' cute!! I managed to get only a few shots of all three before he took off to hunt down a hockey stick and then started to whack something. (I love that boy) So here they are...beautiful, FUN and so very precious and even though it is not my best work I believe I captured who they are! Thank you for stopping by and MERRY CHRISTMAS!