Waterlogue App and why you need it! - London Ontario Photographer

This past weekend, I came across a new app for my iOS devices. It's safe to say I am totally addicted and I NEEDED to share this with you all! Waterlogue is an amazing app, which takes your photos and converts them to a piece of art! It is so easy to use and it transforms any photo into a realistic watercolour painting. There are 12 different filters to choose from each one with a unique artistic look. At this time Waterlogue is only available to iOS users and their devices and the app developers are actively exploring making it available for the Mac OS. The cost is $2.99, and let me tell you it is worth every penny. This coming from someone who rarely ever buys apps, ever! You can buy is here!

Below are screenshots from my iPhone. You can play with sample photos within the app, upload from your photo library or paste from another location.

Waterlogue app iOS


And finally some examples for you to see the beauty of this app!:)

The before pictures below were taken with my DSLR camera , processed in Lightroom and Photoshop and ran through the Waterlogue app on my iPhone. waterlogue app for iOS

waterlogue app for ios

One of the things I love so much about this app is the ability to take ordinary or average photos taken with only an iPhone, iPad or point and shoot camera and turn them into pieces of art that you could proudly display on the walls of your home. So below are examples of photos I took with my iPad and have not been edited in any way:)

waterlogue app for iOS

waterlogue app for iOS

waterlogue app for iOS

waterlogue for iOS

Thanks for stopping by and happy Waterloguing, but be careful you may become addicted as I have!

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